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Neutral Safety Switch


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I need to install a neutral safety switch on my 700R4 with a lokar shifter. The lokar part number seems to be BL-1400U. I am trying to add it to my summit order. Summits description of lokar BL-1400U say it is used with a column shift. HELP


They don't have directions but it looks like this switch mounts to trans pan. Which shifter do you have most come with neutral safety switch. This switch can also be used for backup lights.
Lokar: Shifters and Shifter Knobs
This site shows if shifter comes with nss switch
The shifter I have in the car is a Lokar ATS-6700B automatic trans shifter 16" from an old project. The switch is long gone! I have been using the car without the switch.:eek: I want to correct my stupidity but i'm confused by the descriptions! Of course if it wasn't Sunday i'd call Lokar.

Thanks for your help

Why not wait till Monday and call Lokar and just see exactly what you need. They have great customer service. Did you know everthing they sell has a lifetime warranty on it.

1-877-469-7440 toll free even
Thanks, your right!! I'll call lokar Monday.
the switch mounts on the shifter side plates and has a switch with a ball at the end that when you move the stick it moves in and out to operate the switch. :D

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