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New from Michigan


New Member
Hello everyone, names Matt Koopikka, from Michigan, and i just started building a bucket recently.

Ive got most of the things i need except experience ;). Got motor, trans, brakes, a steering box,rear axle, rear coils, a few axles (which confuse me for the moment), picking up a body this weekend, and i built my frame already! Just trying to piece it all together.

I go to school for building performance engines/race vehicles, so im not completely helpless. I can fab and all that, and im a big motor/tuning guy, so maybe i can help some people with that ;)
welcome hope Ur new build starts out good. I'm new 2 the T-bucket family but u can find some really cool people here, ready to help with any questions!. these guys Rock.

:cool: Laz
Welcome to the site Matt. Glad to have you and your skills here. Post some pictures. I'm sure Al's gonna wanna see what ya got.


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