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New guy from Kentucky


New Member
Hello all... My name is Steve Stewart. I'm in the middle of a 27 build and have been lurking on here for a while. Just thought I'd drop a post and say hi and you guys seem to have some good info on the site.
Welcome Steve this is the best T site on the net.

Welcome aboard, Steve!

What are the details on your T?

We need to see pictures of your project. Kind of an unwritten rule around here!:):lol:

Welcome to the group Steve, don't be shy about posting pictures of your 27.
RPM said:
Welcome aboard. Where in KY are ya? I am in TN.
Thanks for the welcome guys. I'm in the northern most part of Kentucky. Newport. I'm just a few blocks from the Ohio River and can see the Cincy Ohio skyline from my back window. A little far north for a hillbilly but I get by. I have family down south in Ky and in TN(Iron City).
I would post some pics but I'm only in the mock up stage with my frame. within a few weeks I should have enough done to pop a few pics.
It will be a traditional looking ride. I'm the President of the Scroungers CC a traditional car club. I have a few old cars. My daily is a 48 Plymouth. I use to ride scooters but have messed up my back so bad that I can't ride anymore. I tried again last summer and it about did me in. I figured my (in the wind days) were gone but then thought about a T. It is about as free as you can be on 4 wheels if you get my meaning. Love the site and hopefully I can learn a few things and maybe do a little teaching if I'm able
Welcome. I live in Lexington/Nicholasville and have been to the Newport aquarium many times. I have a 27 as well as a few others. Welcome from Kentucky.

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