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New guy from NY

ive already made a few posts, but heres my intro thread

im nick, i don't have a t bucket, i probably wont have one for quite a while, but i still love T's

some of you im sure will recognize me from hotrodders and the HAMB :lol:
Hey, Lowroller! I think I do recognise your handle. I'm on both of those sites as well. I visit Hotrodders a little and I haven't logged of the HAMB in over a year!:lol: I dig the traditional cars and customs, M T Bucket isn't a traditional build, but I dig the humor, build pics and attitude of the HAMB.

I think you'll like it here. Everyone is all about T Buckets, but we dig the other stuff too.
Hey Nick, welcome to the forum. It is great to see more and more hot rodders joining up. When you get ready to buy a T, let us know. I am sure you will be able to find a great deal on one, including my I got a great deal on mine so I would pass that on to a fellow hot rodder. Anyway, Welcome!!


This place is growing fast, great site for great people!

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