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New guy


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Hi everyone.First Forum I have joined so it is also my first post.Retirement is coming up and have wanted to build a car from the twenties for a long time.I will have some questions later but also hope to have some answers. wil not post to often but will be watching and learning.Right now i am looking for a body and front axle assembly.Bye for now
Howdy from AmarilloTX. :dance:

Hola from Memphis
Welcome to the forums. Where abouts are you located? This might be of a help in helping locate the parts you need. The closer the less shipping there is, which could be a big savings for you.

Welcome from Dumas TX.
Great people here..
Welcome from Minnesota. I just retired my self. Mans gotta have somethin' to do besides drink coffee. I'm sure I speak for everyone here, we'll be glad to help you any way we can.

Welcome! Desire is 90% of the game. The other 10% is questioning your sanity, but we all do fine without it!:funmeter2:
Hi and thanks for the welcome.I live in northern Ont about 300 miles north of Sault ste Marie Michigan and shipping will be expensive for all things I order. I have a rough quote of $300 for a kns body but i still have other places to check.
Pics will come later but everyone knows what a good 302 ford and c4 looks like:) Thanks again

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