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new guy


Hi guys, just want to start off by saying, I've always loved T buckets!:lol:
I'm mechanically inclined, but never had the chance to really work on anything this big before. Bought a kit from TP (UGH ) so I will have a lot of questions!! (be nice please) hehehe. I'll look forward to reading your posts.
Welcome to THE FORUM.:welcome:By the way you need to take lots of pics of your build not only for us but for your album.Now i've got a Total Body(Aniversary)and Total frame and i'm very happy with it(see my pics).Any questions you have just give a shout and you'll get a bunch of answers.These guys are all pretty much the friendliest people youll ever meet.
welcome to the site. rick pretty much said it all. you have just picked up the most valuable tool for your build. don't be afraid to ask questions, that's why we're here, to help.

Welcome to the forum if some thing has been done something wrong I am sure If i Haven't done it myself I am sure somebody here has and has figured how to fix it. Like I had my fuse box under the dash now I am moving it under the seat where there is more room and I don't have to stand on my head.Did you happen to order a passenger door? That is a good idea.:D
CHICKEN DOOO DOOO !!!! Ted you are becoming sooo REfined. Next you will be wearing a tie. Sorry Rick

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