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New OldFiberglass Guy

Rich Venza

New Member
Just checking in to say howdy. Built more T Bucket & C-Cab bodies in 45 years that most guys. Sold Rod 'n Race Fiberglass and finally retired to the sunny south to umpire Little League softball games.
Welcome, I really like the R&R tupperware Topolino body.

Unfortunately I found it about 6 months after we went to the effort of making our own mold from a not quite perfect tin body I found down here. We only made three bodies and then went back and had a 12 month "re-evaluation time". We havent got started again yet.

Hot Rod Todd
New Zealand
akitagandy said:
Welcome to the site ,some of us need all the help we can get, U gonna hav fun now!!!!!!!

I used a body from Total Performance ...the Bucket has been painted for 12 years and the body has held up Great ..
Welcome aboard. Yes I did not live but about 3 miles from A-I. Dave anderson was just getting started in the glass business. About 1970 best I can remember.

A good friend of mine worked there for awhile......Plummer Thomas
I don't care how you look at it your an Old OldFiberglass guy. Rich welcome to the board. Rich is and was a mentor to me in this glass body building thing. I look forward to following your posts. Again welcome to the board.

Welcome to the group. I to remember when it was AI and I still have one of the catalogs. Glad you're here. You did save me one '53 Studebaker body didn't you?

i'd like to add my welcome too rich. i have used two of the AI bodies and was very satisfied with them. don't be afraid to jump in here anytime with your opinions. i can assure you, they will be appreciated.


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