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New to forum, first question on engine

I am going to go with a slant six, make my own exhaust and intake, cam, probably 390 2 barrel, head port polish.
Swimming against the sea of 350 SBC's? Should be very nice. I would put on a small huffer like maybe a 4-71 with a single small 4 barrel and underdrive the hell out of it so it is very street friendly. That would get you lots of looks. In any event, please post pics.
Offy made a sweet intake for a s6 back in the day but don't know if they still do. Had one in a 74 camaro with a 250 and had a sweet carter 4bl on it. That thing screamed off the line till the rpm gave out! We built the engine for a late model dirt track car back in 86. They added a 6cyl class for some dumb reason. They only ran the class one season so I bought the Camaro which was originally a 6cyl car and dropped our race motor in it. Nobody believed what that car would do till they saw it run. Sure was fun being different!

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