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bucket boy

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hello all, im from southern california and just decided to join site. Been reading it for a while and figured what the heck. My build started more than 30 years ago, my father build the frame....and thats as far as he got. He passed away in 2006 from cancer. We always talked about building it together, but other projects got in the way. Ive been collecting parts for it for a while, and got some good ideas. I really like this site.....most people think of buckets as a low grade hot rod, so im glad to see a bunch of guys that come together. As far as my bucket goes.....its almost a rolling chassis, triangated 4 link, 57 chevy rear, four bar front, and a stout 327/350. ill be posting pics soon
welcome to the sight Bucket Boy. I enjoy the sight for many reasons and I'm sure you will as well. Post some pic's and enjoy everyone else's.
" low grade hot rod ". Those kind of people don't know their history. The T-Bucket is the original hot rod, anything else is just a hot rod. Have you ever noticed that a T-Bucket always has people checking it out, even the high class, high dollar, rod owners can not help but look.
G,day from down under mate, you will find plenty of help from this bunch. Looking forward to you pics......
Yes, pics please! :lol: Welcome to the best site, and by the way, If you fix your profile we'll know where you Is!:D
welcome to the site bucket. They might be low grade but takes a apair to drive one with the parts you already have. Can't wait to see your pictures.

Welcome, I have already run into some of the hot rod snobs too, but the heck with them, I really like mine and probably have ten times the fun they do in their overpriced trailer queens, hope you enjoy this site as much as I have! Eddie :cool:
Well said Eddie. It's your car, enjoy it your way.

Fast Eddie said it all.....
Drive it and enjoy the ride.
People said i could not drive the Legshowt
Well .....guess again I did and I loved the ride.
Well Bucket Boy.
From someone that has had cancer and worked on cars with his father....
I think you should get going and remember that he started and YOU finished it.
We can all hope "HE" will know what you did.
There are a lot of people on this site that will help and when you run in to the wall and need a push.They will be there..
From a older guy that would like to see you finish something to remember your Dad.
Enjoy the ride.

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