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new to the site

There are no stupid questions. Glad to have you aboard. Where are you located and what are you building. I will warn you pictures are expected.:D:):)
Welcome to the forum chopfather and don't worry about the questions that's what we're here for.
I also thought their were no stupid questions when my nephew (while i was watching a Titanic documentry) ask if that was a movie of the real ship sinking. Welcome to the site their are more hot rod builders here than any site on the net.
Welcome No stupid questions Like when the wife says .How do I look? and You say Oh that looks like crap why don't you waste another half an hour getting ready.Lol
Welcome to the site, and yes I have heard stupid questions before. But not knowing about a "T" is why we all came here.:D
Welcome :D
:lol: You'll love it here!!!
Welcome aboard. How about putting where you live. There may be someone nearby that can help you at times.


P.S. No need to put where you live if you are in the witness protection program though. LOL
thanks all and ive filled in the profile stuff .ill be posting photos as soon as i figger out how to........ ok as soon as my son shows me lol

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