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New windshield glass in my frame


Friday i picked up the glass for my frame. Tulsa glass 1/4 lam grey tint glass. Of course the tint is non functional since i look over the glass slightly. HA HA i thought i would point that out before Ted did. just S##tin u Ted .:cool::cool::cool: An Nee Ways here is a pic or 3.
nice personal touch on windshield posts looking good.
Wow, that does look nice. Rooster, your car is really looking good. Keep posting pictures!!! It inspires me. :)

Tinted windows in a T, never thought of that. Cool
Those posts are homemade. The cap was an after thought or i would have turned it when i cut the glass groove.
rooster57 said:
Those posts are homemade. The cap was an after thought or i would have turned it when i cut the glass groove.

Did you use that black window sealer to mount in the glass or something else?
yes i used the black goo. Just a heavy bead in the groove and slide the glass in. And clean off the oooz. it was a dow-corning product from the glass guy 100 bucks for glass and sealer and i installed.
raid ... you could do something like that with your stock frame. there's a tapped hole for the cap in the bottom frame. just stud the cap like rooster made and screw it in. there ya go rooster, you can start producing them now.

Wow now i will be makin the big bucks
that's right rooster.... i can just see ya dancin now!!!!! wa hoooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Ted Brown said:
OH YES you will, it makes driving so much more comfortable on the eyes... I have used tinted glass for all my years of T building, just the first shade... :biggrin:

True, I guess there is a lot of unobstructed chrome on the front side of that firewall. :D
the reflection of lights at night are much less with un-tinted glass.

the guy that bought my big block T thought tinted would look better so he had it installed. i was riding at a night cruise and noticed the neon lights really reflected in the windshield. when i asked him about it he said it drove him nuts. a couple weeks later he had un-tinted glass back in it. i have always run clear glass and yes you get some reflection but that one was almost like a mirror at night.

Well since my head is about 4 inches over the top the tint is just for show i bet.

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