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Ordered Some Parts !!


New Member
i ordered some parts from total this week :welcome:

i ordered the wireing/ with gauges, the elect fan, e brake,
gas tank kit, batt box , gas pedel and trans lines

my motor should be here a week or so
some parts on back order :(
Mike as you know when the ups man comes you loose 40 of your years.I was a nine year old kid every day at 3:00 pm on time within 10 mins.And i just HAD to go check out how they fit and looked and ALWAYSi'd call Brian and order the CHROME bolts i should have got in the first place.Way to go have fun i know i did.
And now the stalking of the UPS person begins!:welcome: My UPS driver seems more excited than I am, when she pulls up. She keeps wanting to know when I'm giving rides. I have a list now.

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