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Pics of my bucket...Finally


Okay guys, I was finally able to get some pics of my bucket (with changes etc). I still have a long list of things I want to add / change up, but just have not got to them yet. In addition, I am considering selling or trading so we will see what happens. Anyway, take a look and let me konw your honest opinions please.





Yes that has a very good stance. I think some custom pen stripe on the radiator shell or the front frame tube maby the top of the cowel. Not to much some guys get carried away. I also like it around the tag area.
Nice car. Also, maybe your striper could highlight the "Ford" on the grille shell too.
Thanks for the ideas and compliments guys. I am still considering selling or trading so not sure I will do a stripe job just yet. Depending on if any interest is generated will determine if I add any RED stripes etc. Thanks again and keep the ideas and opinions coming.

that is an absolutely fantastic T!!! great balance, nice simplicity and well engineered. i don't see any problem with your front suspension as long as the hardware is of a quality grade. red stripping would change the whole look of the car. i like the sort of industrial look it has now. if you want the strips, take some of these pictures, enlarge them and take them to your stripper. have him show you what he would add so you can judge what the final result will look like.

This was originally posted Jan 2009, more than three years ago... so I'm not sure questioning price at this point would do much good. :)

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