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Pictuer yet?

:eh: A picture of a white cow in a snow storm?
Here is a pic, I'll see about gfetting them in your album when I get home from the doctor. :cool:

The essence of "rail job" is strong with that one!:cry: For some reason, that pic looks familiar. As in, I kinda remember it in an old hot rod magazine from long ago. But then, there were a few drag influenced T Buckets that made the pages of the magazines, back in the 70's.
What a memory Fred. It was in the "street freak" issue of Car Craft. A 2 page spread in another mag. and a picture in Rod & Custom Annual for the Memphis, Tennessee Street Rod Nationals 1971. I was on my honeymoon!
Here is the other pic, they are in your album too. :lol:

Nice ride :cool:

You drove that on your Honeymoon? So how long did it take to turn that puppy around! What size were your frame rails or was it a tube frame?

It had a 144" wheelbase, but it looked a lot longer because the wheels were at each end. It was shorter than a Vega station wagon! The frame was 2 1/2" round 1/4" wall 4130 tube. I had it cut at the supply house and took it home in my '63 Super Sport with the back seat removed and going from the trunk out the passenger window. My friends thought I was nuts when I told them that was going to be the frame for my hot rod!
LumenAl said:
Well that's almost 4 feet (OK 44 inches) longer wheelbase than mine and it can't turn worth a darn at that!

Very cool car... did you fabricate all the bodywork up on the nose?

I guess my wheels turned more than yours, the only problems I had was with steep grades into gas stations. Had to take them at an angle or drag the oil pan. Put several of those on! I extended the cowl 11" and fabricated everything foreward of that. The wing is a sectioned Falcon 56 model airplane wing I crashed a few weeks before. When I built that car I had never even seen a t bucket in person or had the advantage of a great resorce like this website.

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