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I am trying to figure out how some of you guys have the small picture that as you run your cursor over it the screen goes black and then the picture appears bigger than the thumbnail. I use photobucket does it have this feature? I am going to try alll the options here and see what happens.


T Bucket Build :: Body Work picture by tbucit - Photobucket Bucket Build/tbucit047.jpg

<a href="T Bucket Build :: Body Work picture by tbucit - Photobucket" target="_blank">


Randall, I noticed that your windshield posts were in a pic, I hope that part of the body fits (into) the body of the post, so all the wind pressure is not held by the fasteners alone.. Just thought I would mantion this, as it may help others in their builds also, that do not have their bodies painted yet.. Lookin very nice, looks like you will be ridin this Summer.. :welcome:

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