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:) Hello everyone,
New to the T-Bucket Forums. Built a 25 Speedway Motors T in
2006 and 2007, sort of finished it in aug of 07,,,,sort of finishing
it meaning,,,,are you ever finished? What a gas to drive, to me
the 'T,s' are the American Hot Rod. Anyhow, I will attempt to post
a pic or two. Great site, lot of fun!
Welcome to our little slice of heaven:cool:

:) from will like it here..
Welcome to the site. Don't be afraid to through your $.02 in. The more experienced folks we get here the better.

Welcome .......... :)
Glad ya made it and I look forward to seeing your pics. Having built a T Bucket already, your knowledge is greatly appreciated. Chime in when you can. We're here to learn, help eachother and drive the heck out of our cars! :rofl: I've been doing the latter.

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