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Possible forum downtime


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There is an updated version of the forum software available and we are looking to perform the software upgrade to this forum at some point on Sunday, 9 March.

The actual upgrade procedure should take no longer than 35-40 minutes. However there are a few customized templates used on this forum, so it will take a couple hours to reapply all of those template edits.

If you arrive at the forum to find we are shut down, give us around 45 minutes and check back. If you notice some things look a bit strange, just be patient and we will get everything back in place as quickly as possible.
"You messin' with our drug, man!? Why you messin' with our drug?"
The forum upgrade is now complete. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the downtime.

There are some major changes to the software package, although the changes are subtle. We will try to identify these changes and how they work in a separate thread.
There, that didnt hurt a bit did it?

Other than the couple hours it took to edit the templates to get things like the vBPicGallery forum home display, the forum home sidebar and the NavBar options all working again.


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