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Priming The T-Bucket

I was gonna prime my t bucket with 2K epoxy hb primer, but decided not to becuase it seems too toxic to spray in ones garage. What type of primers are you guys spraying on your buckets...both frame and body?

Thanks, T-Bucket Bob
I've been shooting epoxy etch primer first then 2 K High Build. You are right about the ventilation thing, and even with a good respirator I still get a paint ring around my nostrils slightly. :eek: I try to shoot outside not only because of the fumes, but overspray gets all over everything else in the shop.

Buddy of mine just finished a cobra and used feather fill for the primer. That stuff was wonderful to use and he shot it in the garage. It sands really good and fills small imperfections well. I think the guy who painted his car with the base coat clear coat like it too, he had never worked with it before either.
I just sprayed a half a gallon of feather fill outside in the drive way yesterda but used a small detail gun. It took quite a while to apply half a gallon but we were able to control overspray much better than with a big sprayer. ID
i used SEM self etching primer on the frame and went over that with Transtar universal primer.on the body i used no primer since it had allready been painted before the second time around i used nason acrylic sealer.after personal experiance i would have used a good high build primer first.
Featherfill works great with 1.8-2.0mm spray nozzle reduced 10% with acetone. On a warm day, you just lay it on, goes off real fast.It will make pros out of the novice hobbi:)est
Featherfill or slick-sand with an HVLP or LVLP and a 1.8tip get a good respirator and keep the cartridges in a zip-lock baggie. once the cannister is exposed to air for 8hrs, throw it out. mark the hours on the baggie so you know how long it was used for. I got my Sharpe Platinum LVLP on eBay for $80

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