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progress pic of my upholstery work


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Not the best, but it's good enough for now. The huge folds in the bottom were impossible to get out without putting a seam there. They'll be hidden by the seat bottom and I'll be the only one to know they are there. Well except for everyone who reads this post. LOL whatcha think about my work thus far?

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Nice work, I think it looks fantastic.
try a hair dryer on those wrinkles.

RPM said:
You are hired, when you want to come to TN and do mine?:biggrin:

Looks very nice to say the least.

We might be able to trade one day. Bring the family up for a long weekend, let them play in the snow, while we wear ourselves out upholstering the bucket. LOL
The seat bottom will but more challenging. Still trying to loosen my body up from yesterday. Sheeze, I need to get away from the desk more.
Very nicely done ,, look's sharp
Humidi-T looks good well done is this your first atempt a couple of questions did you atach the covering to the pannel first then buttons ? as this sometimes will cause it to do what its done Im pleased you didnt try & put all the folds in there as they do for dimond bittoning thats a hell of a job for a first time. also whats the hight of the seat base once you have the base in there you might not notice the folds keep up the good work
wrinkles. In the factory we used a steam hose on the original Mustangs, It was superheated. but the moisture would shrink the cotton or fabric backing on the vinyl..If you could get it wet then use the big hair dryer it might pull some out. looks very good, I ended up putting a seam in one I did.
If you yse a hair dryer or heat gun in the area where you try and stretch around a bend or corner you can relax alot of the wrinkles before you staple. Heat, pull, stretch, heat pull, stretch..... Will prolly help to have a few extra hands. But be carefull with the heat. You can always pull some staples out after a few days and redo it again.

Thinking about redoing my seat bottom again. Right now got two open squares with neopreme sheet gasket material. Gonna make a new solid bottom and try the innertubes. The neopreme does not give enough.
AussieT said:
That looks very clean. What do you use as the back panel of the seat??

I built a removable insert out of Luan and aluminum flashing material for the corners, then fiberglassed the whole thing. The fibreglass kills the staples, so I riveted small blocks of wood around the back perimeter.

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