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Racing stripes


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I have looking around for pics of a t bucket with stripes like the old camaros.The only one i have seen is from Total performance. we are thinking of doing stripes on the current project bucket. but im not sure if it will be enough "pop". we are talking black body with silver stripes.
your thoughts?
thanks in advance
Scallops! Muscle car racing stripes don't go so well on buckets.
I've never seen a bucket with racing stripes, where would you put them?
the only room would be the radiator cover,cowl area,down the "tailgate".
Total Performance has a blue and white one it looks kinda like a cobra.
crossingts said:
the only room would be the radiator cover,cowl area,down the "tailgate".

Also the back of the body and if you have a 'glass bed cover, over the top of it. The firewall too if you are not going to cover it with stainless. Could look really good. The more area you can cover with continuous stripes the better I think it would look. Broken bits of 10 inch stripes here and there wouldn't do it for me.
Total had this car at their Florida location back in December.

I thought of that T right away too Bill. The black with silver would look as good, only Stick to the Camero style strip with the fine line on the outer edge. The gap between them would be a great place for an accent color, say a medium blue or green. Maybe use the accent color as piping on the seat or needles in the guages or????

I just couldn't imagine a racing stripe on a T but I have to admit using that long air scoop in place of a hood makes it work.

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