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Radiator shell grill


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Supporting Member
I have a 23 fiberglass radiator Shell,and can't find a grill I like.I was thinking about making my own and was wondering what type material others have used.I thought about some stainless steel mesh but was unsure where to get it and if I could get it chrome plated.Thanks for any information
I used some Back Splash Mesh from Lowe's, not the best but will do for now. I am looking for something I like that is stronger. There is a picture in my album.
I attached to the shell. Glassed in 8 tread certs and attached with screws and washers. When I find something better I may change it. I was worried about the tight mesh, but those aluminum Radiators being very efficient, no problem.
I've seen one person use the chrome grid that fits over a florescent light fixture. Also one made from stainless acetylene rods. Sorry don't have any pictures.
I used 1/2" steel expanded metal. Got it from local hardware store. Had it powder coated but you could use chrome, ceramic coat or paint. My rad has 1/2" lips on each side so I just slid it under them.

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