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Ready for paint

Big Ed

New Member
Thanks for the many helpful hints we've got from reading the posts. We are ready to disassemble and paint. We have seen some comments about driving it a while before making the final assembly. Are these T's completely wired and licensed then taken down for final assembly? A father (retired) son (42) project. We picked it up off a street corner and are making it our own. Thanks
Most guys don't go to that extent but I did and I don't regret it. I had the body in primer but the frame and running gear was completely painted. I do suggest that you at least have all your lines and wiring done before paint in order to be able to make any revisions in your build such as bracketry or drilling and tapping, etc.

Even if you don't get to drive the car, at least you can be confident that there is a place for everything and everything is in place. I know that there are many that don't agree with me but I like a well thought out build.

That's how I'm doing my project. I'm planning on building it, testing it out for a few months, pulling it back apart for paint and then reassembling it. But then again, if I complete my boat-car inside of 5 years, I'll be happy.

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