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Rear Axle Dolly

Baby Huey

New Member
Some of you may have seen the pictures of my Rear Axle Dolly in some of the pics I post, so I thought I would start a new thread and post a couple more pics.
I got tired of killin my back moving rear axles in the shop. Yes, I have a floor jack and a cherry picker too along with a electric chain hoist, but it's still a pain in the back to move an axle around.
I built this using some 4" Steel Channel scrap that I had left over. It's adjustable for width, and also height. I can set an axle on it and without having the rims I can set the axle at the height of the wheel center that I plan to use. That way I can set the axle under the chassis and set up the suspension pieces to the frame. It also has locking caster on both sides, very handy ! "BH"



Now that is a pretty cool little item..
Bh... That's a great little shop helper. I'm afraid this thread will get lost before long. Would you please submit it in the "Technical Articals". That will save it and make it easier to find. From the pictures of your work, this comes as no suprise to me. What else you got?


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