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Rear coilover spring location


New Member
I have seen cars with coilovers mounted in back of rear axle and some mounted in front of rear axle. What are the advantages and disavantages of mounting coilovers behind axle as opposed to in front of axle.:confused::lol:
If looks is all your after, then it depends on what looks good to you... Now if you want them to work better, then ahead of the rear end is better, as you have more leverage and less travel for more movement, as in the rear, they have to travel more and have less leverage, so less soft a ride.. now if you have a real short driveshaft, you need a rubber stop for dowm movement before the U joint comes apart, and another for the up movement, so check out just how much travel you can have... In a short wheelbase T, for a great ride, an IRS is the way to go, for a lot of HP, a straight axle rear is better... just my thoughts on this.. :rolleyes:
All good info,but,Actuly if your springs are behind rear it can be softer then infront of rear cus there is less lbs. on it.
One thing I see wrong on a few rods is rear coil springs are not out near the wheels enough to help control roll.;)

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