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After many years of playing with my Camaro "WE" have decided to start a new project. The first toy my wife explained she would drive was a T-bucket that we saw at a local cruise-in. We are clueless about these cars. I am very egar in starting though. The Camaro forum I am a part of is very helpful and with this project, I am sure this forum will be just as helpful.
Welcome Tim :ciao: just think of a bucket as a Camaro but 1000 pounds lighter :rolleyes: But seriously a bucket can be a great project for you and the wife, and there is a vast knowlage base here. :D
:rolleyes: I think you will enjoy it here
Welcome and please ask all the questions you like. I have no where near the knowledge of some of the other guys here, but I just finished mine and will respond when I can.

So, take a look at some of the builds and start a list of things you'd like to see done to make your T Bucket. We're here for ya, man.

Oh, three more things. VERY IMPORTANT! We like pics and updates and please.... have fun!:rolleyes:
I've been here for 2 weeks and have learned more in that amount of time than I thought was possible. Believe me, these guys rock.....
Welcome Tim, Looking forward to the start of your project. I am just completing mine. Hope to have it on the road by the middle of July. It will not have it's final paint job or tires and wheels I want, but it will be on the road.

Welcome to the site Tim. The guys have said everything there is to say. We're all in this together. Take my word for it, you're gonna feel like one of the family real quick.

Howdy :cool:

Hello....I got into "t's" recently myself after years of building mopars.

Although I built my wife a 1980 camaro. She recently sold it and we have enjoyed cruising in our T-bucket.

Curious, what camaro forum do you belong? NastyZ28 perhaps?

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