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Some upcoming additions and enhancements


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With development back in full-swing on the XenForo forum software, we will soon be seeing several new additions and enhancements, some of which are noteworthy.

The software is currently configured to CAPTCHA block accounts, after a few failed log-in attempts. With an eye toward bolder security measures, the new package will allow us to completely block log-ins, after failures. This will prevent anyone from using brute-force attempts to break user accounts.

Again, with an focus on stronger security measures, the new package will use the bcrypt password storage method. bcrypt is based on the Blowfish cipher and makes use of block encryption for sub-key setups. It will start with all sub-keys in a standard state. It will then apply block encryption to part of the key and will then apply that hash to replace some of the sub-keys. It then uses this modified state to encrypt another part of the key, after which it uses that hashed result to replace more of the sub-keys. It will continue to proceed, using its own progressively modified state to hash the key and replace bits of the state, until all of its sub-keys are set. bcrypt then takes all of this even further and there are a number of rounds where the standard Blowfish keying algorithm is applied, alternating between the salt and the password as the key, each round starting with the subkey state from the previous round. Since the rounds are configurable, the process can be made to run slowly, which also deters brute-force attacks. After the upgrade to this system takes place, each user's password will be converted to bcrypt upon their first log-in to the forums.

The standard members list will be disabled. The list is a performance parasite and is actually a spam magnet. The members list will be replaced by a Notable Members list, which will list -
  • Members with the most messages
  • Members with the most likes received
  • Members with the most trophy points
  • Today's birthdays
  • (Non-hidden) Staff members
(Ohh, had I mentioned we will also have the capability of hiding a staff member's usergroup status, thereby creating stealthy staff members?)

Notification e-mails will contain un-subscribe links, which will allow members to un-subscribe without logging into the forums.

As you can see, XenForo is really maturing and allowing us to provide you a more secure forum, whilst you will be able to enjoy additional user options.
Yippee first reply..................... J/K

Hope this works out better for us and keeps us from down time ! And how about some sleep. haha yeah i know its over rated.

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