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Spaceman's Project


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Still in the planning phases but, The steel has been "Rough Cut" to size. I say rough cut because two chop saws later, neither is accurate enough for me :mad:. Bracket kit should be here tomorrow (Spirit) and I start to clean up those if needed. Penetration/destruction tests with my TIG welder on scraps are done and settings are on paper. Yes I could use a MIG, but I've been Tig welding aluminum for so long it's just my thing. As for the saw, a wet saw is way out of my budget. I'm looking at a Millwalkie Dry Saw. I'll let you know if that cuts a little more accurate. We're going with a GM 350 Crate motor and dress it as we see fit, the rear end will most likely be from an Explorer and the bucket will be Spirit (I like the modular design). My other half informed me that "...this is only our FIRST build.." :lol: so I know I can play more on the next one. This car is for her, so most of the external's are her choice. This will be a slow build as we're saving for a house, but it's something we both look forward to. Will post pics when I have more than just a pile of steel to show. Thanx for the help and input so far and into the future.

Michael aka: Spaceman
Hi Michael, sounds like you've got your plans figured out pretty well so far. I agree on the chop saw, I had a 14 inch one before we bought our bandsaw, and the thing was close, but not completely accurate. It also almost took my head off one time. I turned it on and bent down to pick up something and the blade exploded into tons of shrapnel, imbedding pieces in the walls and ceiling. If I would have been upright it would have gotten me for sure.

One of the best purchases we made was our bandsaw. The quality of our work went up dramatically and it cuts so much quicker. Even one of the little ones from Harbor Freight would be nice to have, and I see them on sale all the time. If anyone gets one, upgrade to a Sterritt blade, it will last months longer.

Here's a tip for those of you that are buying or have one of the band saws Don mentioned. The very first thing you want to replace on it is the drive belt. You will not believe how much smoother the saw will run. With the original belt on mine the blade carrage would vibrate and shorten the life of the blade. Now with the new belt, the blades seem to last much longer. Also check the belts on your drill if it's vibrating.
Have been cleaning - touching up the bracket kit. Have a buddy at Snap-On looking to gert me a "Friends Deal" on a saw I like. Time to start looking at getting a front end for this thing. Man I can't wait to weld it up. You know how it goes, have time.. low on cash. Have cash...spend cash, put part on.... have cash. The vicious cycle of life. Keep the posts comming, I'm learnig more everyday reading all of your posts.


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