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Spammers are out in force


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It must be a full moon, as we're seeing more spammers than usual. So far, all of our defense measures are doing their jobs and none of the junk has made it to the open forums.

We're staying alert and hopefully will be able to keep anyone from being disturbed by any spam.
Our company e-mail server is getting totally inundated!! They must have found a new work-around. I HATE spammers!!
In the past, it's been fairly easy to stop some of them. Certain international TLD's could be blocked and that would knock most of the problem down. We're using another scheme to detect and prevent robotic registrations, which is also effective. Now, we are seeing humans registering with gmail addresses, who then turn the registrations over to the bots.

We're likely going to be doing a complete overhaul of our anti-spam scripts in the next week or so.

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