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Spindle identification


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I have some spindles which I have been told are 49-54 Chevy. Can anyone tell me exactly what these are? Car or truck? Left and right side the same? The ones I have are identical so hopefully I have a pair. Thanks for the help.
try this
Those actually look like the modified '49-'54 chevy spindles. Speedway machines them to take Mustang II rotors. Total was making some also, but I don't know if they were exact reproductions or not.
Yep they look like 49-54 spindles to me, but you have to measure to be sure they aren't Chevy truck spindles which look similar. The center to center measurement from the top bolt hole to the bottom one on a car is like 3 inches and something. The truck is a tad over 4 inches. I got scammed when I needed a set, they were supposed to be car ones and ended up being truck ones. (EBAY :mad:)

The truck spindles work great also, so don't throw them away. Jackie Brown (I really should call him) has built several T Buckets using the Chevy Truck Spindles... he makes his own axles and brackets, said it was no big deal.

MOST of the speedway kits now have the holes for the car or truck spindles drilled in the disk brake kits now.

As far as Ebay goes... I typed THIS Blogs - Crap I bought on Ebay... - Uncle Slacker MySpace Blog

up after receiving what was described as a "Great 8x10"... sure it was only six dollars but a scam is still a scam.

Yeah there's not enough room in ebay's "Feedback" for me.

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