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Spirit VS TP frame


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Why is the Spirit frame look streight, whare the TP frame seems to be a little wider at the rear of the frame. Plus the Spirit frame seems to be a tad bit cheaper than the TP frame does. According to Spirits prices, i can get there frame about $150 cheaper than the TP frame. Whats the scoop ?
First off I do not have a Spirit frame, but I have heard nothing but good things about their company. I have a Total frame and the reason it looks wider at the rear is because it is wider at the rear. The rear crossmember is lust about 28" and I think the front is 20". Most frames I have seen have parallel rails. The only reason I see for the taper would perhaps be to support the body and passenger weight better. Maybe someone knows another reason.

I have seen the Spirit frame close up about 4 years ago at AutoRama. It's a well made frame and has provisions to run power brakes. My Total frame was also well made. So much so, that I didn't bother grinding down the welds.

Do your research and ask around. They both are great and are a good starting point, if you can't make your own.
I've always built them on a taper, usually 24 wide in front and 27 in the back. I do it that way for two reasons: It allows the frame to be the right width at the firewall, and yet shrink down in front for tire clearance when the wheels are cranked over. And secondly, by getting wider under the body you pick up precious space between the transmission and the drivers side frame rail for your pedal, steering, etc. If the frame were straight there you would be more cramped than you already are.

Spirit's frame is hands down the best frame on the market. They use a thicker square tubing which makes tapping holes alot easier. It's also not as "flimsy" .
I purchased a spirit frame and am well pleased.

Hey.....Thomas is back!!! We where starting to get worried about you Bud. Good to see you back. How's the build comimg? Input, input, input.....

thomas said:
I purchased a spirit frame and am well pleased.


Ron and Fred, I'll have some new pictures for you by the first of the week. I have use of the computor at work between the hours of 12:00 noon and 12:30 Monday thru Friday. Need to get a new hard drive for mine and locate my operating disc. It's good to be back. Missed the hell out you guys. Best bunch of men in this country.

Good to see ya back Thomas. :laff:
"Need to get a new hard drive for mine and locate my operating disc."
thomas i gather from your post your comp is down
i have a spare comp you can have free if ya want it
the disk drive dont work but other then that its good
its a dell with XP i think its a 1.4 machine its my wifes old one pay shipping and its yours
Hey Thomas, It's realy good to hear from you. I'll be watching for the pictures. We heard you've had the engine running. Pretty cool.

I have the Spirit frame, and it's very well made. I did only two fill jobs on all the frames welds to get it ready for paint.;)

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