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Spooky from Washington


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Hello gang. I built my T six years ago with the carcass of a Ford Courier. I cut off the body and since I couldn't afford a metal model A body I sent away for a MOS fiberglass body. It looked terrible on the Courier frame. After much cutting and hacking I ended up throwing everything away but the Courier radiator and gas tank. It is not the traditional T bucket as the front end has a standard 32 Ford crossmember. I also widened the body 8 inches. After 500 miles of weld-popping rides I took the first real test down the coast hiway to the Golden Gate bridge and back ("back" being the operative word). 11,000 miles and it's still going strong. I can't get enough of that wonderfull stuff!
Welcome Spooky :) your never to old for a carnival ride :D
Ted Brown said:
Hay hay hay, watch that carnival ride stuff here my man, we like those little WILD T Buckets... at least i know I do :) Welcome anyway, from Calif. any hot rod is a fun ride, so cruise safe, Ted

Hey! Just kiddin'. Frankly I think t's are as good as going to Disneyland. Nik
Spooky, Welcome, I still don't see any pics? I know its the rules becauase when I joined I was told so! Agian welcome:D
If you mean the one on how to build a hotrod for $5K the answer is no. My computer crashed and I lost 90% of my step-by-step photos. I could probably explain the process of saving money in a couple pages to anyone capable of actually building one. The theory relies on buying an 80's GM product that runs good and using the engine and tranny and tilt steering wheel assy. Except for a $100 Ford 9 inch rear end that pretty much takes care of the running gear. Frame and other parts are easy to fab. Instructions are all over the net. The price goes up, natch, if they want chrome goodies to impress people. Pretty basic. Would have been a waste of time, I think.
Nice looking bucket truck. Where did you hard top come from?
I wrote Sitting Ducks - Tales of the Saigon Warriors. I like writing so much that I thought I'd write a "How To". But you know the rest.
Funny you should ask as I just tossed it in the junkyard. It was too heavy. I built it out of wood and 2 gallons of Bondo. It looked OK but I started to realize I never drove with the top on and it took 2 people to put it on - so adios MF.:doh:

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