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starting my build

Francis Blake

Active Member
I went to mt. home and picked up my body yesterday allmost 600 miles round trip thats a lot of miles for an old guy. That 27 body is a fine peice of of work willput up some pics as soon as I get started and have something to show:hooray: Francis ps. i am still tired
You are supposed to start in november and be driving as soon as the weather is nice. Went for a drive earlier this week 60 degrees now ground is snow covered again.
Hey Francis, just remember you've got a great resource right here in KC... the Cowtown Ts!!! A bunch of the guys have built their Ts from the ground up and can help you with just about anything you can imagine. Don't be afraid to ask!!
Hi Lee I plan on asking questions after seeing some of the mambers cars its plane that there is a lot of talent here. I intended to make the last meeting but I got the dates mixed up :eek:. Am looking foreward to meeting more of the members in person. Francis
this calls for a dance!:lol:

[ame="[media=youtube]HcOZ6xFxJqg[/media]"]YouTube - Safety Dance- Men Without Hats[/ame]

Way to go, Francis!

okay..... seriously. I looked at this vid a 1,000 times when I was doing mine.

Thanks Fred I'm gonna keep that one where I can watch it when I need some inspriation. Look's like a nailhead engine, those are:cool:. I plan on getting some steel this week and start my frame willpost some pics this week:lol:. Francis
Or you could do it this quick!:lol:

[ame=[media=youtube]Mp_K1wEb4v4[/media] - 2004 World Record T-Bucket Build[/ame]

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