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Steering adapter problem

Track T-4

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The splines in the steering adapter pictured below are loose on the splines on my steering column. I don't know what column is installed in my bucket so need help ID'ing the part. Here are a couple of photos:



Iit's being used to attach a Grant adapter and wheel. I've tried using teflon tape to tighten it up but that didn't work. Is this an OEM part or an aftermaket adapter? Any idea where I can get a replacement?

it looks like the ones that come with aftermarket wheels. ive seen that part at the parts store for sell by the steering wheels.
That looks to be an aftermarket adapter. I can't see very well in the pic, but it appears that the splines a worn. Those adapters are usually some kind of soft easily cast material. The nut may have gotten loose at some time in the past and allowed the splines to wear.

Post some pics of the column and someone might be able to identify it. I betting it's still available from Grant.

Is it this? GRT-3655-1 at Summit


Looks like you found it. Thanks.

Still have play with the steering adapter and the splines on the column shaft. I still assume the adapter is the problem but haven't purchased a new adapter yet because the photos in the catalogs are not clear enough and I didn't know which one to buy. I don't know what column is in the car and thought identifying that might help me get the right adapter. So I finally got a few photos, anyone know what column this is (should have cleaned it first sorry for the dirt!):






Count the number of splines and measure the diameter of the splines ... That will give us a reference to check what we have.


There are 36 splines and the diameter of the shaft - at the splines - measures 1-11/16".

The Corvair column I have is 36 spline and measures 5/8'' across the splines. I believe the larger 36 spline is from an earlier GM car .. I don't have one handy but it seems to me they where 11/16'' or 3/4"" across the spline. What is your steering box?


I just realized I said 1-11/16" diameter but should have said 11/16" as you indicate.

I'm not sure what steering box I have and it's a bit of a chore to get the side panel and hood off. As soon as I can get to that I'll post photos here.

Thanks for your help.
The last time I bought an adaptor kit it was $20 or so. If you can find a local source for one, I'd buy one of each and returen the unused one.

Yes the Corvair shaft is what that looks like, and in the pic, it looks like the adapter sits way too low on the splines, meaning it is too large... it needs to fit real tight, and when you tighten up the top nut, now it will take a puller to get it back off if it is the correct adapter... Drive safe. :gum:
I found an adapter that is more of a press fit so with a little tapping I should be able to get it on far enough for everything to look and fit right and tight.

Before installing the new adapter I took another shot at correcting the old one (I hate to give up :thinkn:). I noticed the I.D. of the washer that sits on top of the adapter was slightly smaller than the O.D of the steering shaft so it was pressing on the shaft instead of the adapter when the nut was tightened. I bored the I.D. of the washer and it seemed to make a difference. Just need to get out for a drive and try it out. If that doesn't work I'll just install the new adapter.

Thanks for all your suggestions!
I finally found a reason to remove the hood panels and get photos of the steering box. Can anyone ID the box? Here are a couple of photos (excuse the mess, I'm slowly getting it cleaned up):



It's a Vega boxwith one mounting ear cut off.

Thanks, Ron.

Are they mounted stock or is there some sort of modifications required, i.e. reversing, etc.?


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