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T-Bucket Forums statistics - 13 April


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I've just posted the weekly statistics for the T-Bucket Forums, here.

Looking at some of these numbers leaves me gobsmacked. I'm sure the warming weather is getting people ready for the cruising season, but it seems people are spending time on this forum, as well as getting their T-Buckets ready for a drive. Seeing these numbers increase like they are is only providing us the encouragement to keep making this site better.

I want to thank those members that have donated to the forum. Whilst we were seeing much faster page loads, we were also using nearly 80% of the guaranteed memory resources on the server. Your generous donations gave us the necessary funds to double the amount of guaranteed RAM on the VPS, which has picked page load speeds up a tiny bit more.
Just wanted to say thanks for giving us a very user friendly environment to enjoy our cars, trade ideas and meet new friends. You do a great job and I look forward to the future.

Now, let's talk about a windshield decal. Any plans for a logo that could be shamelessly displayed on my windshield, when I get one?:lol:
Here's a thank you from me too.

I doubt I'll ever post as much as Fred:D, but this has become one of my regular stops when I have a few minutes on the computer.

Keep up the good work!

With the new server and higher speeds I've noticed a lot more traffic through here.:cool:
Thanks Webmaster.:lol:
I'd like to give a thanks to everyone making this site possible. I love how specialized it is and all of the great info that runs through it. Only problem I have with all this inspiration, is I have NOWHERE to work on mine:eek:.

Thanks a Bucket full,
LumenAl said:
Windshield Decal? Aren't you going to have one of these? They come with your membership pack.


Yup! But I think this forum should have one too!
To quote Donald Sutherland, as "OddBall", in one of my favorite WWII movies "Kelly's Heroes":

"... we got ourselves an ARMY!"
Oddball is my favorite Donald Sutherland character. :laff:
VegasBruce said:
Oddball is my favorite Donald Sutherland character. :laff:

Bruce, I remember watching that movie as a little kid with my dad. I even looked up the theme song and searched for the album. When I couldn't find it, I recorded (8 track:eek:) it off the freakin' television! To this day, when it comes on I still watch it.

If I didn't think of cars as female, Oddball would've made a nice one for a T Bucket.
I think I still have the 45 of the song. :laff:

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