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Texas hot rodder invents invisible Ford body!


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Well, here's me sitting on my bucket trying to break the speed limit in my shops parking lot. I lost this round, but I'm not giving up yet!:lol:


I made a box to simulate how high my seat might be. After talking to Rick, it's pretty close. The actual seat will be about 3" above the floorboard. I have decided to go with a bench seat to stay on track with my theme. Plus, it will scooch my girl closer. But considering the lack of room in a bucket, she wouldn't have any where to go any way!:)

I got my drive shaft last month. The size really freaked out the kids at the auto parts store.:lol:


The extentions and mufflers for the headers will show up in a couple weeks. For more details, see my members page. Thanks!
Your looking good Fred. I can picture the car already. Looks pretty quick to me.
thomas said:
Your looking good Fred. I can picture the car already. Looks pretty quick to me.

Must be the hat. Everybody digs the hat.:lol: Thanks, Thomas. Well, it's a stock motor with a little dress up, but from what I have heard it will be enough for such a light car that it will hold it's own and be trouble free for the most part. It's a good start and will enable me to get used to how these things handle. More performance, if needed, can come later. Next Friday will be a year and I really had to pat myself on the back for sticking with it. I look in my build book at the pics of the bare frame and I am still amazed. I hope your keeping one. Not only is it a good way to reference things, but it kinda helped keep me motivated when I doubted myself. I learned not to be a quiter from my parents and being in the military, but building a car from the ground up really tests me sometimes.

If it wasn't for the people I have met on this site, the NTBA and Brian and Pete at Total Performance, I know I wouldn't be where I am. I'm VERY grateful. You guys are the best.


*insert Bette Midler "Wind Beneath My Wings" :lol::lol::)*
You're really starting to look like something there.

Whilst I cannot see that invisible body, I'm guessing how good it must look if it is a black T-Bucket body. :lol:

You better be careful, else you'll be driving that car come next spring. ;)
:lol: Thanks, Mike. Yes, the invisible body will change to black. Hopefully this Christmas.

As I posted earlier, I wasn't able to get the extentions for the headers due to me having to dip into my hot rod money. I was going to order them this Friday, along with the mufflers. Now, when I installed them, the first thing I noticed was how cool the short piece of collector looked. I wondered if I could cut the turn out off the extentions and make it just go straight back. I'd drill a small hole and install a stainless steel bolt to secure the slip in mufflers. The extentions run $75 a pair and that's a little high to be experimenting. Well, I posted pics of my T on the NTBA website and Blown T (who lives just outside of Houston) stated that he had a pair of 26" extentions (which are too long) that I could HAVE. So, I drove out to his house today and picked them up. They were in good shape. Actually, great shape, considering they came off a street driven car. I measured and cut them down to 17 1/2". Then I cleaned them up. They have very minimal surface rust and came out great. If I was building a show car, I'd be concerned, but for a street car, they came out great.


The imperfections are on the down side, so they really won't even show. I slipped them on and the look is awesome. Kinda like the pipes on Norms "Lightin' Bug" T Bucket. I guess that's where I got the idea for the look. It must have been in my subconscience;). I was going to take pics, but rain moved in. Darn weatherman messed up again! I'll post them my next go round. Oh, that's my dog, Lucky peeping around my chair. He's like everyone else, he thinks I'm crazy.

Thanks again to Blown T! Saved myself $75 that will be used towards other stuff.
Here's a pic of Blown T's bucket. I noticed his exhaust set up and he cranked her up for me. He used to run a pair of little baffles, but said he took them out!:eek: All I can say is that my housing association would have me moving if I had that set up on mine! Talk about LOUD! I can only assume his neighbors are used to it or he has a few friends on the police force.:lol:


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