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The NTBA once again ignores the west

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I'm not saying he doesn't have the right to complain, yet he should take his complaint to those that can explain or provide resolution. I'm not going to call FORD to complain about my Chevy, nor am I going to call IBM to complain about my Dell. I was always told to take your complaints to the folks that fix the issue.

Now, I found a way for you to come to the BBQ without going thru Arkansas. LOL

from:Memphis, Tennessee to:Jackson, MS to:Dallas,Texas - Google Maps
I went to Sierra Vista and had a great time. I worked security twice that week. By the way the Arizona group made the NTBA alot of money that year. FYI.

I for one will try very hard to get to the 2010 Nats. SO-CAL T's would love to have it in San Diego but getting more than six members to help is very challenging. Also, the money made should go to the local chapter that puts it together with some of the profits going to the NTBA, not the other way around.

I have heard alot of rumors about the NTBA in regards to EAST vs. WEST. It is my opinion that the current directors are trying hard to go east to west to mid to east to west etc. I say give them the benefit of the doubt or ask them directly face to face.

Other than that, I still think ALL buckerheads are great people.

San Diego T
Just a heads up on this then I'll be quiet...
Bill Darr has be in contact over this matter with Ceec and thats where
this thread should end.

Wrong forum to be bringing this up on.
I might even get to make this one and yes I am Lucky it is not that far for me :)...
Good Golly miss molly Grant has got me going to the BBQ again, down MS though Louisianna, to TX?

Add how many miles and hours to the trip just so I can bypass that Charlie Foxtrot of crappy roads known as Ar-Kansas???

A couple hundred extra miles and three more hours?

Oy! Lemme think about that.

Concensus shows Ceec in the wrong for bringing this up here. I'll go with the majority's decision.

Pull it before someone's drawers get in a twist. Speaking of drawers how about some beach beauties?


Or maybe you'd prefer to see some more modern and scantilly clad beach beauties?

I know I'd have no problem with that... how about YOU?
I like the fish scale one....
Todd, you are 100% correct in saying the this thread is misplaced. If you want to delete it, that is fine. If I knew how to delete it I would have. It did not go well and I apologize. Cecil Misner
Thanks Ceec Good way to iron out the wrinkles. Now back to my question where do you live?
Okay, Apology has been made and was sincere. Lets drop it move on.
Not open for further replies.

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