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Title-ing in Indiana for us Hoosiers


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Alright fellas, here is some advanced planning on my part but something I'm worried about. I don't have a title for my glass project and I'm wondering how to go about doing this. I'd like to run vintage tags. Would I just purchase an old title and transfer it? How would I go about a VIN? Could I run old tags with a builder's title? I'd ask the DMV put then it seems like "red flags" go up when these kinds of questions are asked. I know there has to be someone here who has done it. Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks, Brian
I wish I had an answer for you. Our ex-chief of police owned a Total car at one time, so I keep hoping to bump into him to ask the same question.

Back in the dark ages (late 70's), we built a dragster trailer. We had to attach a plate with a BMV-supplied number to the tongue and get I.S.P. to come inspect it. The trailer then ended up with a 'self-built' title.

I don't know if that happens with cars, or not.

Take a drive into the next county, visit the BMV office and explain the situation to them.
The best place to get answers about titling and VIN numbers is your local DMV office. Every state is different.
Brian, I'm a hooiser and I'm not looking forward to the DMV either. I have talked to them a little about it. I have a total bucket under construction right now. I have a manafacturers Statement of Orgin plus all my receipts from Total Performance. I also have some pictures of my bucket build also. You might need a police inspection also. I don't think I would buy another title though they are starting to crack down on that because they lose revenue. I would just call & ask questions , I am calling pretty soon to double check. Too me this is the worst part of it all. Good luck maybe I'll see you someday. Lar:)
There is a member of the NTBA that posts under the name BTG, he has a 27 that he built. I don't know how to contact him directly but they have a business locally, if you go to and click on photo gallery you will see his cars buildup. I would contact him through the contact link on their site, hopefully he will be able to give you the info that you need.
Hopefully sometime next year I will be able to start my build.

Good Luck: Bob

Also there is a member on one of the sites called linersis, he is also in Indiana and I believe he has completed and licensed his Spirit car.
Thanks for all the tips guys. I bought mine from a third party...and didn't get a bill of sale. That part shouldn't be a hassle for me. Good thing about here is that there isn't inspection. Bad thing is, there is a lot of junk driving around;). I have done the "lost title" thing before where you contact a "company" from a no hassle state that sends you a "new" title stating you bought the car from them for X amount. It worked charmingly, but I had a VIN then. Hopefully it flows like butter for US ALL:D!!

Thanks again, Brian
Hey Brian, I talked to a friend of mine here in Indy who has been building and buying rods for years, he says if you buy a project the most important thing is to have a bill of sale that lists all of the parts that were included in the sale, such as frame, rearend,body,windshield,seats basically everything that is there and things will go much smoother for you. So you may want to try and get an itemized bill of sale if possible.

Keep us posted on your progress: BobJ

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