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Just got back from hospital, been there since 5am (10pm now)

took a wee camera up to look around,Where the blockage is they
can't use the stint....So,I'm gonna be in the open heart club,Most likely
the end of the week.
My mother had open heart surgery last year is doing great and feels better than she has in a long time. So get it done get feeling better. Keep us updated.
Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery.
No sweat Track-T. They been doing this for a long time now. I had mine in '04. The first week it'll be nasty getting around but from then on you'll be fine. Just think, you get to be in the brotherhood of the chest zippers. Pretty special bunch of people.

Good luck Track, prayers that all goes well. Should be no problem though. :)
This is one thread I'm glad didn't have pictures.

Good Luck to you.
Ain't no thang... Ya just go nighty-night for a few hours and it's all done when you wake up.:cool:

Seriously, I had my aortic valve replaced with a mechanical one back in 1995. To do that, they had to collapse and move both lungs out of the way and then stop my heart. The only pain I had was when I sneezed the first time a couple of days after surgery... I didn't sneeze again for six months!:lol:

The doctors told me I couldn't drive because even a small impact with the steering wheel in an accident could kill me. They wanted me to get plenty of exercise when I came home, though. They said they wanted me to walk a lot, don't lift anything over 5 pounds with either arm, and stop when I was tired. So... the first couple of weeks I walked around the neighborhood twice a day. BORING!:) The third week, my wife went back to work and wasn't here to watch me, so I laid 40 feet of brick sidewalk!:eek: I carried two bricks in each hand (two bricks = about 3 pounds) and made hundreds of trips to the brick pile. The first day I only laid about 20 bricks (3 feet?), but each day I went a little farther. When the sidewalk was done, I didn't want to go back to walking the same boring part of the neighborhood, so I put a big elastic band around my chest and started riding my 18-speed mountain bike. I was all over town then. My wife didn't find out until I went back to work..:lol:
Wish you well with the surgery. Please have someone close to you update us as soon as possible so we know how you are.

I had open heart done in June 2002,got alone good.Take care of yourself after surgery.Be sure to do rehab after surgery, if they want you to . Good luck to you...............
I had a great time in rehab. There was this cute little thing working in there. Every day when I would go, she would take my blood pressure. She would start by putting my hand under her arm. This would put one of her twins on my forearm. :shifty: Of course, being the DOM I am, my imagination would kick in and my blood pressure would go up. :) She would then tell me to sit down for a few minutes and try it again. What do you know, it would be OK then. :think:Had a lot of fun with that for 6 weeks. At the end of rehab she told me I should really watch my BP.:whistle:


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