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v6 headers

Francis Blake

Active Member
I have been looking for a set of headers for my 4.3 v6 chevy, no luck hopeing someone here might point me in the right direction. lmc truck,summit,speedway,chucks trux, no got. thanks for any help...Francis
Sanderson Headers has them:

Sanderson Headers

I can't say enough good about Sanderson. The Limefire set on my '27 is almost 20 years old, and I have a new set of Limefires on my '23. We also have a set of their Jaysters on my Sons roadster pickup.

Talk to Nick if possible. He and Jay can expedite the order for you. Nick was able to coat and ship a set of turnouts for me in one day. Got me out of a jam.

You will love your headers, I'm sure of it. BTW, my other Son bought a set of Patriot headers for his T bucket and they are the worst pos I have ever seen. We probably spent 3 hours just getting the mounting holes oblonged enough for the flanges to bolt to the heads. Even at that we had to fudge them a lot. Never had that problem with Sanderson.

Same problem here with the Patriot's the holes DO NOT LINE UP.

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