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Well, it happened . . .


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Even though I recently upgraded to suppression-type spark plug wires (Taylor Spiro-Pro's) to replace the solid metal core wires I was using with my Accel breakerless distributor, the ignition control module packed it in. :notworthy: Fortunately, I was already home from a cruise and in my driveway. Trying to locate a replacement, I have discovered that Accel (Holley) no longer makes this particular module, so I'm stuck with trying to find one on somebody's parts shelf, or replacing the distributor. Any suggestions? (I need a small cap distributor, since there is not enough clearance between the distributor and the firewall for the HEI large cap.)

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That’s too bad Spanky. At least you were home when it crapped out.
How about temporarily using an old points type distributor until you can find the right parts. I know it’s going in the wrong direction but........
Those might be hard to find nowadays, too!
Or bite the bullet and just go with am MSD distro. . . . . . they make a small diameter one for tight fit fit installs.
I have an extra one for Opp's it's for a Ford so that won't work..........Sorry that you is broke down, Try Rockauto......
I purchased the MSD 8360 that uses the small cap and the MSD 8207 coil. After 2-3 years
the module failed, that cost $135 to replace. It costs $160 now from Summit. Before buying
the new module I bought this distributor to see if it would fix my problem and when it did I
bought the MSD module. So none of them are perfect.

A-Team Performance CHEVY/GM Small Block/Big Block SBC/BBC R2R Ready 2 Run Complete Distributor 283 305 307 327 350 400 396 427 454 2-Wire Installation – Southwest Performance Parts

The failure did not leave me stranded, but engine would not get over 2500 rpm.

Now I have a distributor for troubleshooting purposes if I ever need it again. It only cost about
$45 and I always take it with me when ever I leave town for an event.
I imagine you could make a Hall effect sensor work in your distributor. Look into the point conversion kits. They are very simple to install.
Pertronix makes good stuff. I got their distributor, coil and plug wires for our '71 Karmann Ghia. Great price too.
I wish I had known about those when I did my 392. I really like the anti-theft option.
OK . . . I couldn't wait. Put it in last night and fired it up. That was music to my ears!

Still gotta mess with the timing a little, but I see cruising before the day ends. T-buckets
are such fun!

first cruise-in.jpg
Me, too! Got in a short cruise this afternoon, despite iffy weather in St Louis. Still has snappy acceleration! Gotta love it!!! :D
And now you’re a happy camper! It’s been raining here for the past number of days. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice. That’ll be the day for me to go cruising in the bucket.

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