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Windshield Frame Material


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CCR is a manufacture and supplier for the Windshield Frame Material and we would like to make the material available to the Forum Members at a special price. The Material is extruded solid Aluminum and is weldable and bendable. We sell this by the foot and we will hold the price until the end of January 2012.

Part # 58541-TBF $ 6.25 per foot

We will cut the Material to your size free of charge. (straight cuts)

Thanks, hope this helps.

Jerry and Diane
Does this material already have the channel cut into it for the glass, and what is the o.d. of the material.
I am out of town till Sunday, when I get back I will get exact dimensions for you guys. The O.D is just under 7/8" ( just a hair smaller than the steel material) There is a channel extruded into the material ( about the same depth as the steel material, without the bump where the weld is on the steel stuff), we use standard Windshield glass and 3/64" glass tape for installation
Hi Ted, yes all of our full frame windshields have the rounded tops. It takes special Dies to bend the round corner so most people just weld the square corners. We build them with square corners only as a special order.
Hope your doing well

DSCN1862-700.jpg Windshield Material test photo
That is what I was planing on doing, but if you make a windshield frame for a 27 roadster I would rather buy it complete
Sorry, we dont make the windshield frame for the 27's. Mr. Roadster brand from Speedway would be the only place I would get that frame from. Then just change-out or modify the top bar before installing the glass, you will probably lose about 1/2" in width at the top doing a similar curve.

Good luck
I have a plan to make a windshield using your type of material, so right after Christmas I will order four feet of it.
I need some help for my "C" cab windshield. Could you supply what I need for a windshield? the passanger door and the windshield bracket don't like each other.
Thank you for your time.


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We can build the windshield for you. Get the posts fit as best you can and get us a height and width (outside of frame). Specify round or square top and make sure the posts are as straight up and down as possible.

As far as the door fitting/not fitting, fit the posts first, then trim the door to fit around the posts
I need a frame 39 1/2 inches wide and 20 to 22 inches high square top. How do I go about ordering one.

My rough opening is 39 1/2 by 15 1/2" . My glass is 38X14". Could you quote me a frame please. Also estimate frt.

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