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Wintertime regimen


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What do you do with your T-bucket in Winter? Since I live in St Louis, I choose NOT to put it in "cold storage" but try to drive it whenever the ambient temps are above 50 degrees F. I know this would not be possible in the frigid northern climes, but I am curious what others are doing. Up on jack stands? Drain coolant? Block heaters?

I have both of mine on the wheels and drive them any time I can.........In southern New Mexico the weather is more often good to cruise than non cruising weather,,,,,,,,That is why I live here!
Just sits in the garage, with an Optima charger on the Optima battery. Doesn't get cold enough even here in MN to do anything re water.
I'm in northern Minnesota and other than putting the car on jack stands to keep the tires off the cold concrete I don't do anything. The battery came out of a car my daughter scrapped and is probably 12 or 13 years old and have never had a problem starting the car in the spring. About four years ago I was having some issues and spun the motor around enough to check the compression in all the cylinders before I started the car for the first time and didn't have any troubles. Up here in the northland batteries in the daily drivers don't last as long but this one has been doing good.
OK, so . . . it was 57 degrees and sunny in St Louis today, so guess who went cruising??? I only did one full-throttle burn out! :rolleyes:

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(Giving my in-law a ride.)

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