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Wiring Help Needed! Please!


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Okay, I'm wiring my car myself and NOT using a kit. I'm done, except for one small problem. My car won't shut off when I turn the key off!
I have a HEI system with a 3 wire alternator. Speedway sells a little wire piece that looks like this to sovlve the problem:


Does anyone know of a way around this problem without giving Speedway $19! Please help. I am done wiring my car, except the darn thing won't shut off!

Easy to fix. The little bitty wire coming out of the alternator needs to go to the acceserory side of the ignition switch. The alternator is charging into the igntion circuit. By running it to the acc side when you turn it off it will be off. I run the 3 wire alt on my cars ands that is how I wire them....;)
Thanks, guys. I got some info from the HAMB and was able to get the diode at Radio Shack! I'M FINISHED!:lol: Check my build thread in a few minutes for pics.

Thanks again.:D

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