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wood in place


Got most of the wood in. Want to get some of this done before it gets cold. No constant heat in the shop.



Nice work. :)
Good job!!!!! huge step forward for you.

i would (no pun) to protect the wood from moisture. you've got the hard part done. the tabbing (laying 'glass mat strips to cover the wood) is the easy part.


I really hope mine looks half as good. Looks great. I know I'll have a lot of questions when I get to this stage....

LumenAl said:
You did a much better job on your wood than I did!

I did glass mine in... three layers... very strong!


Al what did you use to get it so smooth?And how did you do it?
The big key was to foam the areas between the wood so the glass has even surface... the foam I used in the photo above didn't work out that well which required that I use a lot of body filler... I've since used Oasis Floral Foam... glue in place, then with a file, or hack saw blade, I just shave it... it's soft and easy to shape... then lay the glass in place... let set up, skim coat with body filler, block sand and you're good to go!
Ahh ok thanks.How does the foam not melt with the resin on it?
Oasis is in Jackson mich about a twenty minute drive from my house.I was informed that the process of making the foam is to run a loaf at 3'x4'x8'.This foam is not the water absorb type but the stiff open cell type.I asked a bot buying 2 loafs and he is getting back to me after a call to the factory.I was thinking what if you glued two loafs together and hand shaped it into a car body and used it for a buck.Got me thinking about a one off body.
Thats the foam he is trying to get a price on.He just called and the guy incharge was out for the day.I'll have to wait till monday.Got my juices going now i have a MAS frame and body i can play with.
I had a question for you guys. Is it necessary to put all of the wood support in or can you just leave it alone with the fiberglass?
You can leave the wood as is.Mine was bondo'd in it works great but the body will flex if you pull on the back or the sides.The glass makes it super strong like a cardboard box against a sheet of paper.The glass coragates it.
Youngn said:
I had a question for you guys. Is it necessary to put all of the wood support in or can you just leave it alone with the fiberglass?

Mine didn't have any originally and body flexed really easy... all it had was a tack strip for the upholstery that was mostly foam glued in place... picture below is what it looked like when I tore it down...


The body now is solid as can be... you can grab the side and shake the car without flexing the body. Also, you can see the drivers side had one heck of a bow in it... by wooding the body, I was able to fix that!
VroomKrazy said:
Can you use the pink or blue foam from the home Depot?

I'd simply test a small piece and see if the resin melts it or not... the other reason for using the Osais foam is it's very easy to shape so that would be the second test... bottom line is all it has to do is be shaped easily and hold its shape when you glass it...

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