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Yet another newbe....this one in Michigan

I'm old, live on a lake, got tired of boats, and got a '27 T-Bucket. A friend bought it needing a lot of work and he thought he would fix it up and sell it. After a few years of trying to find time, he gave up. He and I were having lunch one day and I asked him what ever happened to the "little car". Long story it's my "little car" that needs a lot of work.

I'm a retired machine designer/builder. I have a nice pole barn with a small machine shop in it. My wife died 5 years ago and I soon grew tired of riding around the lake alone. The T-Bucket is something to keep me busy doing something useful. That's about it.

welcome to the group

i live in flint, michiagn and im currently building a 27 roadster

are you going to the swap meet this weekend in monroe?

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