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Am I in some trouble????


New Member
I posted in FlatheadGary's thread about Tall T's this morning and just did it again, well when I hit submit I saw a little thing pop up saying my post would show after being approved by a moderator.

Is it because I am using full size pictures, I noticed all you guys use thumbnails in posts, I am on 3 or 4 VW buggy sites and we don't do that so I am unaware of how to even do it that way, my post did not show.

Someone let me know and I will follow the rules !!!!
Oh DIDN'T DO THAT, DID YOU?????????? :eek::eek:

Haha, just pulling your leg.:D I only know one way to post and am lucky to be able to do that. Someone on here will be able to tell you what's up. Probably some little glitch.

It's a combination thing T4ME. The software is set to flag any new member that post large items and it also scans for certain words. You are all right, I approved it, glad to have you on the Board!

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