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Another guy from Louisiana


Hello to everyone on the board!

I see a lot of names that I've seen on other boards.

I have a 46 Ford coupe and a 23 T. The T has been under construction for about a year and a half and is nearly ready to go to paint.

It's set up a little different than most. It has quarter elliptc springs on the front and air bags on the rear. The engine will be a 350 with 3 dueces and the trans is a 700R4.

The side pic is from early in the build.

A huge WELCOME Mike. I'm glad to see you here. Let me fill the rest of the guys in a little bit.

I found a thread on Club hot rod where Mike is documenting his build. After 3 hours of reading and studing his posting, I just knew he would be an asset to our group. I strongly urge everyone to check out that thread.

Once again Welcome. We will all be looking forward to your input here.

I should add, the thread is "I couldn't build it for under $3K either".

Thanks for joining, Dennis!:lol: I'm going to checkout your build thread. That frontend looks very interesting. Nice T, too.:)
Welcome Mike, I like your build. The quarter eliptic springs and four bar ought to work well together.
Youngster said:
...I found a thread on Club hot rod where Mike is documenting his build...

Man I've searched all the gallery shots (51 pages x 24 images) at Club Hotrod and didn't see anything that looked Mikes build... searched for Hotrod46 too... nothing... what am I doing wrong? I have to go give my eyes a break!

Welcome to the forum Mike!! Good to see another hot rodder in Louisiana. I am in Shreveport so let me know if you are ever up my way and we will have to go for a cruise. Great looking 46 too!! I am
Hi Mike welcome to the tbucket forum you will enjoy your time spent here lots of really fine people on here. I have been watching your build on club hotrod for some time now I enjoy it a lot. a lot of good info over there.:cool:..... Francis
Hotrod46 said:

I read the entire thread! Outstanding fabrication as well as skills!
I loved the windshield stanchions you built as well as the windshield. It comes as a surprise to many that of the shelf windshield posts require a lot of fitting to make it look right the NTBA Tech pages have a great tutorial on the process ( )

All the cool stuff ya did, the dash, door fabrication are over the top, all the custom work for brakes, gas, pitman arm, shifters... everything is just awesome! I also look forward to the updates on your build...

I did have one question (aka learning opportunity) cause I'm most likely not thinking it out correctly. Looking at the front shock setup which looks really cool, I was wondering what happens when you have the axle twisting (one wheel goes up and the other down), Doesn't that put a rotational movement (stress) at the pivot points of the shock arms that appear to be designed for lateral movement?
I want to thank everyone again that has posted a greeting!:welcome:


I'll give you a shout if I'm up that way you do the same if you get down here.


I really don't have an concrete answer for you. I haven't noticed any binding or excessive flexing, but then all I've done is jack up the axle. The double heim joints that connect the levers to the shackles allow some side to side movement and the poly bushings that the arms rotate on also have a little give. There has to be some rotational force, but the layout of the forward portion of the levers is very similar to a friction shock. Since those seem up hold up OK, I'm guessing these will too.

However, I'm certainly not infallible!!:eek::bow:

Hotrod46 said:
...The double heim joints that connect the levers to the shackles allow some side to side movement and the poly bushings that the arms rotate on also have a little give...


I knew I was overlooking something... Heim Joints! :doh:

I guess the really easy test would be to jack up one end of the front axle and if it doesn't bind, then you're good... anyway, I just knew I was missing something... Thanks for cluing me in!
Sorry to put you thru all that frustration Al. I think you'll agree it was worth it,yes? Some one is going to have to explain to me how to post links. I'm an old factory worker and am trying to catch up with you younger guys.

This is interesting, if you look at the shock set up lanceks! has on his car, it's almost the same. One is above the frame rail and one is below. I will look into this further for future refrence.

Mike I just went thru your whole build at CHR, great metal fab skills. Love the windshield. :cool:


Can we get some updated pics of the whole car? :lol:

Thanks for the compliments.

I don't have any recent pics of the whole car.

I have it torn down to the bare frame to finish some welding right now, but will be reassembleing it in the next few days(I hope) so the State Troopers can inspect it. That has to be done before paint.

I plan on getting some new shots then.


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