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button head bolts


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I am in need of large button head allen bolts.

I need to find 1/4-20 bolts with a 3/4 chrome or stainless allen button.

My car was started but never finished and I either have to replace hardware or find these bolts.

Please chime in if you can point me in the right direction. A standard 1/4-20 button head measures approx. .437 inches in diameter and I need .750
Contact Totally Stainless at (717) 677-8811 which is the customer service line. They will be able to fix you right up with whatever you need. They are a VERY good company to deal with.
You should be able to find them at almost any hardware store. There very common bolts. If you have any problem finding them, let me know and I'll get what you need. Just pm me.

Yeah, our local Ace Hardware has an unbelievable selection of neat bolts and nuts. Grade 8, stainless, allen button heads, etc. I'm in there every few days buying something.

I get mine at the Home Depot. Good selection.
Good point Butch. You would only want to use these on non structural areas. I used them for "pretty" stuff, like to hold my dash, windshield, etc. Never for suspension or stuff like that. I always use grade 8's there with self locking nuts.

Totally Stainless...

carries grade 8 stainless bolts. They are expensive but if you want stainless and need grade 8 for suspension, then Totally Stainless is the place.
Where you live at and how many you need?
Like Mike said, polish 'em. You'd be suprised what a couple of buffs, some rouge and a bench grinder can do.


As far as I can find, the standard head diameter for 1/4" button head socket head cap screws is .437" as you have mentioned. The standard head height is .132". For a head diameter of .750" you are probably looking at some very special fasteners and most likely will not find them very easily. Is there some reason in particular for them needing to be that size? Can you use a washer to get the diameter? A standard 1/4" USS washer (common hardware store item) has a i.d. of 5/16" and an o.d. of 3/4". Don't know if this helps any or not.

I'm in Wisconsin.
looking for (24) 1/4" x 3/4 long, (6) 1/4" x 1-1/2 long, and (4) 5/16 x 3/4 long.
Problem I've found is the hardware store has 1/4" button head with .4 diameter, and I need to find .75 diameter head
I mentioned Totally Stainless back on the 22nd and I also gave the phone number at that time. They are a really great company to do business with. I have used them exclusively on my last two builds. (Don't forget to use "Never-Seez" or it's equivalent when using stainless fasteners.)

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