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CCR interior pics


CCR interior removed pics showing construction

I had several requests for pics of the interior insert removed here are several pics of it.I also had to change my key panel setup because the insert had a kick panel. The insert materal is a molded plywood with the seams epoxied with glass for strength. They have built a bunch of these the more i see the better i like it.:cool:
wow...i really like what i'm seeing here.. what is the height of the seat riser?

Riser is 5.5 inches . Its a good thing it just clears my electric by 1/2 inch.
don't mean to be a pest rooster but can you also give me the angle from the seat base to the seat riser?

Would my angle protractor give you what you need if i remove the seat base and get the angle that way??????????? And KAA it seems to be 3/8 birch plywood.
yep...that'll work...thanks!!

9 Deg looks to be the angle Youngster

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