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Dodge front axle


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Just picked up this front axle.

Now I am torn between doing a dual coil spring set up on the original mounting pads or hanging a leaf off the back of the axle.

What do you think??

I have heard the coils give better ride.
Just to get you started in the "leave it alone" category...

Under-Budget Underslung - 1929 Dodge Roadster - Hot Rod Magazine



That's about the best looking parallel leaf setup I've ever seen on a roadster, but I'm not too sure if it's the best idea.

Just another idea.

I have seen an Econoline setup with pads with an adapter to Coilovers that actually looked clean, but can't find the pics right now. They're probably on another computer.

There was another one I saw on ebay that made an adaptor to quarter elliptical setup using the existing pads, and although it wasn't a very nice looking setup compared to what we would call normal, it worked for that particular vehicle. Again, no pics of it on this computer... sorry.
The car T-odd posted is visually a great looking car ...... however ... Please don't copy this for one that you intend to drive extensively. Lots of problem areas on this one. Formost is the use of the Dodge spindles/axel. Simply not designed for todays usage. Next is the scrub line. Can you imagine what would happen if the tire blew at highway speeds. One more then I'll stop. PLEASE don't anyone build a tie rod like that one. That is down right suicidal!!!

OK, I'm done ......................... for now.

I agree with you 100% Ron. Scrub line too low and sketchy components when better is readily available and inexpensive. It's a great looking car but not practical for a driver. The builder has since passed, but not from an accident with this vehicle.

My point is simply that something can be built using parallel leaf springs and that Dodge D100 Axle he has, without modification to the axle.

Truth? It's probably going to be a little more work than if you had a tube axle with the radius rod and spring mounts all ready to go for a traditional transverse sprint setup.

I like 'em all... but prefer driveable and safe vehicles.
Sorry I didn't mean to get on my soap box. You will seldom see me rip on someone elses build that way. Just didn't want someone to start engineering thier car along those lines. Safety is always a major concern here.

As you said "I like 'em all ........but prefer diveable and safe vehicles."

Safety IS number one, then economy, then style.

Of if you're luckier; safety, then style, money is no object.
If you like the coil spring look you might want to consider something like this.


Youngster said:
... One more then I'll stop. PLEASE don't anyone build a tie rod like that one. That is down right suicidal!!!

OK, I'm done ......................... for now.


Ron, please elaborate -- so I might know what to avoid in other applications.
Here's a pic of the Econoline front axle on my roadster (it is similar to your Dodge) mounted on coil springs. I used Pinto shocks, Hoda Civic springs, and fabricated the bracketry. You can see how I modified the axle, made the radius rods, and fab'd the bracketry starting here: Another build thread? Yep, my track-style T - Page 3 - Club Hot Rod Forums My son's fenderless channeled '31 Ford sedan has an Econoline axle with a transverse spring behind the axle (like most T-buckets) and my '31 Ford coupe (pictured in my avatar) has the front axle from a '62 Jeep station wagon mounted with torsion bars. The axle you have is made of drop forged steel. It is very dense material and can be welded on without compromising its strength. If you are not an accomplished welder, get someone who is familiar with welding on heavy material.:cool:
The forces exerted on the tierod are emence. DO NOT cut and weld your ie rod in this fashion. DO what ever is necessary to keep it straight! A clevis has no provisions for movement or missaleinment. The pin or bolt takes all the force both lateral and torsional. In plain simple language, it will wear at an alarming rate and fail!

Please, please don't copy this set up!!!!!!!


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